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REVV Token


REVV is the token that serves as the primary currency of utility, purchase, and action across all REVV Motorsport blockchain games by Animoca Brands. REVV is designed to enable true digital ownership of game assets, giving players freedom and control over their NFT in-game items across a growing metaverse of racing games. The games in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem include REVV RacingMotoGP™ IgnitionFormula E: High Voltage, and the Torque Motorsport franchise.


SAND Token


SAND is the utility token used for transactions and interactions in The Sandbox, the decentralized gaming virtual world produced by Animoca Brands’ subsidiary. 




The GAMEE Token (GMEE) is a utility token that is designed to be the currency of purchase, utility, reward, action, discovery and distribution in supported play-to-earn games provided on the GAMEE casual gaming platform.

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The TOWER token is a ERC-20 fungible utility token for the Crazy Kings game franchise, which includes Crazy Kings, Crazy Defense Heroes, and an upcoming blockchain based PC game. TOWER is the basis of an initiative by developer and publisher Animoca Brands to blend traditional Free-to-Play gaming with the Play-to-Earn potential of blockchain gaming. The goal of TOWER is to build a system that attempts to maintain balance and equitability in traditional Free-to-Play games while introducing several attractive benefits of blockchain, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and governance. The philosophy and intent of TOWER are outlined here.

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LYM Token


The LYM token was initially used in the Lympo ecosystem. The LYM token still remains an important part of the Lympo NFT platform and acts as a “currency.” LYM is an ERC-20 token and will remain on the Ethereum blockchain. LYM tokens will continue to be the main entry and exit point for those who want to buy into LMT or sell their LMTs.


LMT Token


The Lympo Market Token (LMT) is a fungible cryptographic token initially released on the Ethereum blockchain and later bridged to Binance Smart Chain. LMT is the main utility token in the Lympo NFT platform to mint and purchase sports collectible digital cards that represent unique content stored on the blockchain.


Prosper Token



Prosper is a non-custodial short-term prediction market which provides users with an opportunity to predict the outcomes of various events. Prosper supports multiple chains and is developing a unique technological infrastructure of on-chain liquidity aggregation to solve problems within the overall blockchain-based prediction markets.

Quidd token.png



Quidd is the first marketplace built for buying and selling limited-edition, individually serialized digital collectibles. With its easy-to-understand user interface and experience, Quidd is an appealing provider of digital collectibles for the general public. The QUIDD token is the utility token for the Quidd community of collectors, creators, and developers. 

Bondly token.png



Bondly is at the forefront of developing new technologies to make blockchain utilization for NFTs and crypto currencies safer, more efficient and truly decentralized. One of the few end-to-end NFT platforms in the market, Bondly executes every step of the process to bring authenticated digital-first goods to market in categories including music, entertainment, gaming and collectibles, with a suite of products and services designed to support the entire blockchain ecosystem. The BONDLY token is the utility token for the Bondly community.




PRIMATE is the play-to-earn token of Benji Bananas, a popular physics-based free-to-play mobile arcade game from Animoca Brands with over 50 million downloads. Benji Bananas and PRIMATE are connected to the ApeCoin (APE) ecosystem.

SPORT icon.png



The SPORT token acts as a gateway to the entire Lympo ecosystem. Use SPORT to access Lympo NFT minting, NFT staking, Star Token platforms, and to enter Lympo P2E experience. SPORT is forging the future of blockchain, sport and Lympo.

Victory Gem.png

Victory Gem (VTG)


Victory Gem (VTG) is a token on the Binance Smart Chain. You can earn VTG by playing competitive multiplayer games on nWayPlay, and in turn use VTG earned to buy NFTs that offer in-game utility.

ASTRAFER token.png



ASTRAFER allows players the ability to acquire and upgrade Starfighter mechas, run galactic organisations, build expansive corporate empires, and more! Players will earn ASTRAFER through various avenues, including completing missions, trading items, and participating in special events. Additionally, player-owned Planets and Asteroids emit ASTRAFER over the course of gameplay.

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