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MADworld and BAPE Join Forces to Build Ground-breaking Online / Offline Experience in Web3


April 2, 2022, Hong Kong - MADworld announced today a partnership with iconic Japanese fashion brand A Bathing Ape, known as BAPE, to venture into the Metaverse.


BAPE has been among the world’s most iconic streetwear brands since its founding in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan in 1993. BAPE’s line up of labels includes A Bathing Ape, AAPE, Baby Milo, BAPE Black, and Mr. Bathing Ape, which are sold in stores across Asia, North America and Europe. Recently, BAPE launched (B)apetaverse, its first non-fungible token (NFT) project, consisting of 10,000 unique, high-quality 3D NFTs.

MADworld, a venture backed by Animoca Brands, is dedicated to bringing the best of Global Culture to Web3. MADworld seeks to use Web3 technologies and its UMAD token ($UMAD) to promote its mission of delivering Connectedness, Culture and Community to the masses. In partnership with BAPE, MADworld will create a one-of-a-kind, cohesive approach to tie together streetwear, gaming, tokens, and Multi-Metaverse experiences for the global BAPE fanbase and beyond.

BAPE x MADworld has some MAD plans in the works — and we cannot wait to share it with the world. Stay tuned!

About A Bathing Ape (BAPE)

Since the brand’s establishment in 1993, BAPE has remained as a symbol of street fashion for more than 28 years. The brand has created globally iconic designs and street fashion trends since its founding, including designs such as “APE HEAD”, “BAPE®️ CAMO”, “BAPE STA™️”, “SHARK HOODIE” and “BABY MILO®️”. BAPE has also developed successful collaborations with global brands and artists. The brand is committed to providing a customer experience that blends premium fashion apparel with an entire lifestyle. BAPE’s apparel and brands are carried throughout stores in Japan, the US, Europe, China and various markets in Asia.

About MADworld — the Multiverse Artist Defender (MAD)

MADworld offers an NFT Origination Platform and an NFT Marketplace that use blockchain technology to defend the artists, artwork, creators, and content that enter the untraversed multiverse. MADworld supports NFT minting to validate ownership and provenance of physical art, collectibles, and products and original content developed from live concerts, sporting events, artist battles, and other modes of creative expression. MADworld is designed to give creators complete control over their NFT strategy, supporting them by maximizing the income and impact from their intellectual property in perpetuity. For more information and updates about MADworld, visit:

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