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Animoca Brands Japan and Apas Port introduce 'Cryptoys', a new digital toy platform for Japanese collectors

11 December 2023 - Animoca Brands Japan, a strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands, announced today that Animoca Brands Japan and Apas Port Inc. have partnered with Cryptoys, a digital toy platform developed by OnChain Studios, to deliver a new toy experience to Japanese collectors.

Animoca Brands Japan and Apas Port introduce Cryptoys.jpg

Cryptoys are high-quality digital toys that combine toys and entertainment to create an expansive entertainment universe for collectors, redefining the way we think about the word “play”. Cryptoys have their own unique line of characters known as Zoo-F-O Escape ™, as well as beloved characters from Star Wars ™, Mickey and Friends™, and Masters of the Universe™, offering collectors a next-generation experience regardless of age.


The Cryptoys experience begins by opening a blind-pack cube on the Cryptoys platform, then opening a blister pack and starting a digital collection. The unboxing environments are an immersive 3D animated experience, tailored to brands and character lines that are both familiar and new. Fans can choose to keep their toys in mint condition or unwrap them to watch as their characters animate and transform into spectacular toys with large personalities ready to show off their moves.

The Cryptoys experience.jpg

Animoca Brands Japan and Apas Port, as partners in Japan, will develop various activities to promote and communicate the appeal of this new form of experience.


More updates will be available at Cryptoys' official X account.


Will Weinraub, CEO of OnChain Studio, said: “We've seen tremendous interest in Cryptoys from Japan and throughout the region overall. Through this partnership, we're excited to expand the Cryptoys brand into Japan and connect with collectors directly. We have many new activations launching in the coming months, and we can't wait to introduce those to Japanese collectors.”


Daisuke Iwase, CEO of Animoca Brands Japan, said: “We are delighted that, together with our partners, Animoca Brands has the opportunity to introduce the attractiveness of Web3 through digital toys featuring characters widely loved in Japan. As a Web3 leading company leveraging cutting-edge concepts and technology, we aspire to not only cater to pioneering users but also to spread joy and excitement to those who have yet to experience this world.”


Daisuke Sasaki, CEO of Apas Port, commented: “I am very excited to support the expansion of Cryptoys in Asia in collaboration with Animoca Brands Japan, who with its parent company Animoca Brands provides strong support for the advancement of Web3. We believe we can create moments that resonate with the world by leveraging Web3 technology and a co-created community. Together we will promote the appeal of Cryptoys' digital toys as part of our vision for the future of play in the Asian market.” 


About Animoca Brands Japan

Founded in 2021, Animoca Brands Japan (corporate name: Animoca Brands K.K.) is the strategic subsidiary in Japan of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, a leading global Web3 company. Animoca Brands Japan was established to support the global Web3 strategies of Japanese intellectual property and content holders such as major publishers, brands, education, sports teams, athletes, artists and game companies. Animoca Brands Japan provides a platform that combines IPs with blockchain technology, and supports IP holders to build their own ecosystem through a full stack of Web3 services, providing a bridge between Japanese IPs and global fans. For more information, please visit

About Cryptoys

Cryptoys is a revolutionary new collectible digital toys platform that combines toys and entertainment to create an expansive universe. The launch introduced fans to collectible Masters of the UniverseTM and Zoo-F-O EscapeTM digital toys that come to life the moment you unwrap them. Cryptoys is reimagining the future of play by making it fun and easy for everyone to collect, ushering in a new era for the toy industry powered by Flow. Learn more at


About OnChain Studios

OnChain Studios was formed with a clear mission to engage, entertain, and empower the next generation of digital toy collectors of all ages around the world. CEO Will Weinraub was inspired by his daughter’s obsession with collecting physical surprise pack toys. In 2018 he co-founded OnChain Studios with CTO Emilio Cueto, CXO Alfonso Martinez, CCO Freddy Oropeza, and COO Jhonathan Torres. Together, the team is reimagining toys for the next generation with the studio’s flagship digital product, Cryptoys.


About Apas Port

Apas Port is a creative company striving to deploy "kandou" to the new world of smart contracts.

We focus on carefully curated IP and stories that could touch people’s hearts and produce Web3 content people could enjoy to the fullest, harnessing the power of the stage as our community.


In a blockchain world that tends to be inorganic, Apas Port was established to act as a passport that delivers aesthetic and excitement. Learn more at



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