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Animoca Brands has always been a supporter of NFT creator royalties. Royalties for NFT creators are essential to a decentralized and democratic ecosystem, ensuring fair distribution of value to contributors or creators, which in turn supports value creation across all NFT commons. We believe that royalties are a critical part of the Web3 ethos.

As a result, Animoca Brands is introducing a set of 3 NFT licenses that require the payment of creator royalties as a condition for receiving licenses to that NFTs art and utility. These NFT licenses are accessible to all under a creative commons license.

Personal use only licence

This license only allows for personal use.


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Permitted commercial use licence

This licence allows for commercial use up to a predetermined annual monetary limit.


English | 简中 | 日本語한국어


Unlimited use licence

This licence allows for unlimited personal use and no monetary limit on the commercial use. 


English | 简中 | 日本語한국어

Help to spread this message and protect creator royalties:

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