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Animoca Brands Japan announces TV anime ‘Liar, Liar’ digital efigurine NFTs in San FranTokyo’s Weebox

Tokyo, Japan - 15 November 2023 - Animoca Brands Japan announced today that it will launch limited edition digital efigurine NFTs of key characters from the TV anime Liar, Liar (ライアー・ライアー; original work by Haruki Kuou; published by KADOKAWA; character design by konomi (kinokonomi) and  Funa Yukina) on Weebox, the first flagship store in the decentralized city San FranTokyo, created by KLKTN.

Liar Liar digital efigurine NFTs.jpg

Liar, Liar was broadcasted on Crunchyroll starting in July 2023 and gained a global following of anime fans. In March 2024, Animoca Brands Japan will drop efigurine NFTs featuring original designs of the popular characters from the series, including Himeji Shirayuki, Saionji Sarasa, and Shiina Tsumugi.


Each Liar, Liar NFT grants its holder the right to claim a corresponding physical figurine of the same design that is linked by a Physical Backed Token (PBT, a new Ethereum token standard that ties a physical item to a digital token). Those who purchase the NFTs will be able to claim their physical figures on Weebox during a claim window, with details to be announced in due course by Weebox.


Liar, Liar efigurine NFTs will be released in March 2024 in a limited edition run of 1,000 NFTs for each character. Other availability and pricing details will be provided on the Weebox website.


Release Date: Scheduled for March 2024

Price: TBC

Limited Editions: 1,000 of each efigurine


For further information, please follow Weebox on X (formerly Twitter).


About Animoca Brands Japan

Founded in 2021, Animoca Brands Japan (corporate name: Animoca Brands K.K.) is the strategic subsidiary in Japan of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, a leading global Web3 company. Animoca Brands Japan was established to support the global Web3 strategies of Japanese intellectual property and content holders such as major publishers, brands, education, sports teams, athletes, artists, and game companies. Animoca Brands Japan provides a platform that combines IPs with blockchain technology and supports IP holders to build their own ecosystem through a full stack of Web3 services, providing a bridge between Japanese IPs and global fans.


For more information, please visit or follow on X.

About KLKTN/San FranTokyo

San FranTokyo represents a decentralized city built on brand storytelling with key focus on licensed anime and Web3 IP. Led by KLKTN, an Animoca Brands subsidiary, anime fans are joining the journey to build and experience how Web3 will redefine digi-physical collectibles, media, gaming, fashion as well as their own identities within anime culture. In August 2023, San FranTokyo instantly minted out 2,000 unrevealed Genesis Passes. Opting for an application gated process, they received over 14,000 submissions. The team manually reviewed all applications and the responses to anime related questions including MyAnimeList profiles requested as part of the process. Because of this, San FranTokyo has built an incredibly strong foundation of true anime and manga fans within Web3 and with their upcoming VISIONS PFP collection, they’re ready to further strengthen this by giving their community a way to now own their identities within the city of San FranTokyo.

For more information, please visit https://weebox.io or follow San FranTokyo on X.

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