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Animoca Brands’ Motorverse partners with Turbo Token to boost ecosystem engagement

Meme coin TURBO Token and Motorverse strike partnership and swap REVV and TURBO tokens; supporting as liquidity partner

25 June 2024 - Motorverse, a project by Animoca Brands known for its interoperable ecosystem of motorsport titles championing major IP collaborations and digital ownership, today announced a partnership with popular meme coin TURBO token to explore collaboration opportunities around joint marketing and interoperability. TURBO token is the first decentralized grassroots meme coin created by AI.

Motorverse and Turbo.jfif

The partnership includes a token swap of Motorverse’s REVV tokens and TURBO tokens. The TURBO tokens received by Motorverse in the swap will be used towards community building initiatives for the Motorverse community of REVV holders. joins as a liquidity partner to provide the necessary liquidity for the token swap on TURBO token’s side. 


To celebrate the partnership with TURBO token, Motorverse will host a series of contests beginning on 26th June. The first contest will invite participants to create a car livery that incorporates the TURBO and Motorverse brands for Motorverse's REVV Racing title. This will be followed by a meme creation contest that will encourage community members to create engaging, humorous, and shareable memes highlighting the partnership between TURBO Token and Motorverse. 


Meme coins have experienced a surge in popularity in 2024 due to their representation of popular Internet memes and pop-culture references. Since then, meme coins have grown to hold cultural significance among the Web3 community. 


“As the first AI-generated meme coin, TURBO token is a bold experiment in cryptocurrency creation and will strongly incentivize the integration of new, Web3-savvy communities into the Motorverse ecosystem,” said Will Griffiths, the general manager of Motorverse. “This exciting alliance broadens the horizons for the Motorverse and sets a new standard for meme coin collaborations in the digital entertainment landscape.”

Motorverse develops and publishes branded interoperable motorsport experiences for 

blockchain; it currently comprises 10 games, including MotoGP™ Ignition, Formula E: High Voltage, and the Torque Drift series, and boasts IP collaborations with several leading automotive brands. Motorverse games will be connected by a shared economy based on the REVV token, the central utility and governance token for the Motorverse ecosystem. 


“The collaboration marks an important milestone in digital gaming and enhances TURBO's branding and market presence, aligning it with Animoca Brands' robust expertise and presence in Web3," said Johnny Mack, TURBO’s strategic partnership developer. “The integration of TURBO in Motorverse will enhance user engagement and create unique gaming experiences by expanding the utility of TURBO token.”


FuturePlay will contribute to this partnership by providing essential liquidity solutions. Matthew Pappas, CEO of FuturePlay, said, "To activate this partnership, a one-of-one Motorverse/TURBO/FuturePlay exclusive NFT will be available to the community of”


To learn more about the games and initiatives of Motorverse, please visit:


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For more information, please contact:



About Motorverse

Motorverse is a global open ecosystem and community for digital vehicles, racing games, and motorsports. Motorverse is created by Animoca Brands, powered by the REVV token, and driven by the gaming expertise and credentials of three of Animoca Brands’ game studios: Grease Monkey Games, Eden Games, and WePlay Media, which collectively have over 150 million game downloads across PC, mobile, and console. 


Motoverse is building the home of digital vehicle culture in Web3 and beyond, where car and bike enthusiasts, motorsport fans, and gamers can collect and trade officially licensed digital vehicles, play and compete in a growing range of racing games, and experience unique ecosystem collaborations with leading automotive brands, top motorsport IPs (including Formula Drift, Formula E, and MotoGP™), and get access to real-world utilities including IRL racing events, partner loyalty programs, and more. For more information, please visit:


About Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands (ACN: 122 921 813), a Deloitte Tech Fast winner, a Fortune Crypto 40 company, one of the Top 50 Blockchain Game Companies 2024, and one of the Financial Times’ High Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2023, is a Web3 leader that leverages blockchain to deliver digital property rights to consumers around the world to help to establish the open metaverse. The company develops and publishes a broad portfolio of products including original games such as The Sandbox, PHANTOM GALAXIES™, Life Beyond, and Crazy Defense Heroes, and products utilizing popular intellectual properties from the worlds of sports and entertainment, such as The Walking Dead, Power Rangers, MotoGP™, and Formula E. It has multiple subsidiaries, including The Sandbox, Blowfish Studios, Quidd, GAMEE, nWay, Pixowl, Forj, Lympo, Animoca Brands Japan, Grease Monkey Games, Eden Games, Darewise Entertainment, Notre Game, TinyTap, SPORTPASS, PIXELYNX, WePlay Media, Gryfyn, and Azarus. Animoca Brands is one of the most active investors in Web3, with a portfolio of over 400 Web3 investments, both directly and through Animoca Ventures, including Yuga Labs, Axie Infinity, Polygon, Consensys, Magic Eden, Fireblocks, OpenSea, Dapper Labs, Yield Guild Games, and many more. For more information visit or follow on X (Twitter), YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok.


Turbo Token ($TURBO) is the first AI-generated memecoin created with the assistance of ChatGPT on a modest budget of $69. It exemplifies the potential of generative AI in democratizing cryptocurrency creation, combining the cultural appeal of memes with the financial capabilities of crypto. $TURBO empowers community-driven projects, gaming, and digital art ventures, enhancing innovation and inclusivity in the digital economy.


About launched in December 2023 and offers 4000+ games and infinite sports markets. FuturePlay accepts 9 of the world's leading crypto currencies and will launch $FUTR in Q4-2024. They're the brand behind 'Artifacts', a leading NFT collection which aims to reshape how loyalty is recognised in the category.

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