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Crazy Defense Heroes

Experience the thrill with an action-packed Tower Defense game.

Develop your own strategy, defend your kingdom!

The Stars

Crazy Defense Heroes is the game for strategy lovers. Defend your kingdom from evil enemies by commanding heroes and lead your army to win the ambush.

Over 1,000 levels designed to provide you with different challenges like summon a dragon to rain fire on your enemies, freeze your enemy warriors in blocks of ice, or mend your champions with healing magic rain or join forces with other players in Clan Quests. 

Customise your tower defense strategy with different tower types or choose your battleground among forests, mountains, and wastelands. Collect over 400 different cards to better your chances for the victory.

Get ready for an epic adventure to seize the realm of Evils! and countless hours of fun!




"A fun and colorful game" - 

Arturas, Lithuania

Rating: 5/5

"The game is very good, fun, beautiful and has very cool mechanics to play" - Lucas, Brazil 

Rating: 5/5

"It's great, I love to play, keep it up and add more great things." - Diego, Spain

Rating: 5/5

"Super fun! Many of my favorite monsters are so cute!" - 

葵花寶甜, China

Rating: 5/5


Tower defense strategy game, collectible card game
Build structures, form your team,collect that loot
The best tower defense strategy game, choose your battlefields to fight
Collectible card game, tower defense hero game
The Stars

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