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March 11, 2020

Delisting FAQ



As of Monday, 9 March 2020, Animoca Brands Corporation Limited is no longer on the official list of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The board and management of Animoca Brands wish to reassure all shareholders that the company will continue to expend its best efforts to create value for them, and will disclose relevant material updates as soon as practicable.

Below are answers to some frequently received questions concerning the delisting of Animoca Brands. If you wish to submit a question, please send an email message to


1. What does it mean that AB1 is delisted/no longer listed on the ASX?

It means that the shares of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited (AB1) can no longer be traded on the ASX, and that the company is now an unlisted public company. Instead of communicating to shareholders via the ASX’s Market Announcement Platform, Animoca Brands will now communicate to shareholders via its own web site, mailing lists, and ASIC (where applicable, such as in the case of half-year and annual reports). 

2. What happens to my shares now that AB1 is delisted?

Although Animoca Brands shares are no longer tradeable on the ASX, you still own your shares, and that ownership is still registered with our share registry, Automic. You can log in to Automic here

3. Can I sell my shares while the company is not listed?

Yes, you can sell your shares privately to another individual by using the appropriate private transfer of shares sales forms available from our share registry, Automic. Once you have transacted the shares, you will need to register that transaction with the registry. You can find out more information on how to do this from Automic here

4. Will the company buy back my shares?

No, the company is not currently buying shares (and has no mandate from the shareholders to do so). Should you wish to sell your shares privately, please see question #3.

5. What happens if the company lists on another exchange?

In the event that Animoca Brands lists on another exchange, shareholders would be notified of the plans for listing and how this would affect their shareholding. Should any new shares listed on another exchange be issued to shareholders, the company will advise shareholders on the way in which they can register and trade those shares. 

6. What happens to my existing shares if the company lists on another exchange?

Any proposal concerning a listing and what happens to existing shares will need to be outlined in detail in a Notice of Meeting, and will then be discussed and voted on by Animoca Brands shareholders at the subsequent shareholders meeting.

7. How long will it take to list on another exchange?

This is difficult to say at this time, but it is something the board of directors and management are working on and hope to complete as soon as possible. 

8. How can I be kept informed what’s going on?

Please visit our website ( to keep updated on news and click here to join our mailing list in order to receive company announcements.

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