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Gryfyn announces integration of Prosper token (PROS) into Gryfyn wallet and upcoming native integration of Prosper marketplace

2 June 2023 - Gryfyn, the innovative and secure NFT-centric custodial wallet being developed as a joint venture by Animoca Brands and Hex Trust, today announced the integration of the Prosper token (PROS) into the Gryfyn ecosystem. This integration allows users to seamlessly access and utilize PROS within the Gryfyn ecosystem, further expanding the wallet's capabilities and offerings.


Gryfyn is a secure and reliable crypto wallet that connects users to their favorite experiences across games, sports, music, education, transportation, and more. With bank-grade security and multi-chain support, Gryfyn enables users to easily interact with multiple blockchains and Web3 products.


Prosper token is the native utility token of the Prosper platform and is used for participating within the ecosystem, governance, creating custom conditional pools, commission rate discounts, and other functions. 


The integration of PROS into Gryfyn unlocks new possibilities for users, including potential synergistic use cases with Animoca Brands' games and NFT-based products.


Gryfyn aims to natively integrate the Prosper marketplace into the Gryfyn ecosystem by the end of 2023. Additionally, it will explore the integration of Prosper mechanics within the MotoGP Guru powered by Gryfyn game, further enhancing its user experience and expanding the range of services offered.


Arnoldo Concepción, CEO of Gryfyn, commented: "We are thrilled to have the Prosper token added to the Gryfyn ecosystem. This integration expands our wallet's capabilities and demonstrates our commitment to providing users with a diverse range of digital assets and experiences."




About Gryfyn

Gryfyn is a joint venture between Animoca Brands and Hex Trust to provide a custodial crypto wallet that allows anyone anywhere to easily and safely access digital experiences, own and handle digital assets, and connect with their favorite brands. Hex Trust provides its fully licensed bank-grade security and custody infrastructure to connect seamlessly to the rapidly expanding Web3 ecosystem. Gryfyn offers a secure, reliable and stress-free environment to store, interact with, and acquire digital assets. People around the world use Gryfyn as a digital passport to engage with events, entertainment, and each other.  For more information, visit or contact

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