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Lympo Squat mobile app rewards you for exercising


Keep your New Year’s resolutions with AI-powered “Squat to Earn Cryptocurrency” app that motivates you to exercise regularly


HONG KONG, 10 January 2019 - OliveX (HK) Limited (“OliveX”) and Lympo announce Lympo Squat, the mobile app that rewards users with Lympo tokens (LYM) for performing squat exercises. Lympo Squat is powered by human pose artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze the user’s movements and provide real-time feedback. Lympo Squat is now available globally free of charge for Apple and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play.


In Lympo Squat, adults of any age can participate in up to six daily squat challenges, tracked and assessed by the app’s AI software and the smartphone’s camera. Lympo Squat rewards users with cryptocurrency for performing squats: 3 LYM for successfully performing a challenge, plus extra bonuses for completing a streak. Users can cash out LYM to their own cryptowallets at any time in blocks of 1,000. LYM can be bought or sold on various cryptocurrency exchanges or used directly to purchase sporting goods on


LYM crypto tokens have monetary value and are issued by Lympo, the first blockchain company to reward users with cryptocurrency for engaging in physical activity. Lympo has partnerships with major brand names including the NBA basketball team the Dallas Mavericks and Caroline Wozniacki, one of the most recognizable female athletes in the world.


Squats are among the most prevalent and useful forms of strength exercises. Strength exercises can stimulate bone growth, control blood sugar, help with weight loss, improve balance, posture, muscle and ligament strength and function, while reducing back and joint pain. Various health organizations including the American Heart Association recommend strength training at least twice per week.


Lympo Squat uses human pose AI technology and the front camera of a mobile device to help users to perform squat exercises, tracking 17 points on the human body in order to analyze a user’s squatting performance and provide real-time feedback.


Lympo Squat leverages gamification and cryptocurrency to keep users exercising over the long term. In addition to earning cryptocurrency for every set of squats, the app includes gamified features designed to motivate users to develop the habit exercising regularly. Lympo Squat’s exercises are conveniently done indoors and at any time without hassle, equipment, or advance preparation.


Keith Rumjahn, CEO of OliveX, said: “The hardest part of keeping New Year’s resolutions is perseverance. It’s easy to exercise on a good day, but it’s really hard to do so regularly over several weeks to build a healthy and long-term exercise habit. Lympo Squat gives players something to look forward to every day, using gamification and crypto rewards to help users achieve a healthy regular exercise habit that is both easy and convenient.”


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About Lympo
Lympo is making the world healthier by rewarding people for exercising and leading more active lives. With the help of blockchain technology and fitness gamification, Lympo rewards users with LYM crypto tokens for completing simple walking or running challenges. These tokens have real value and can be used to purchase quality goods by top global brands in the Lympo Shop, the first-ever online shop to accept fitness token payments. Learn more at


About OliveX
OliveX (HK) Limited, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, targets the health and fitness apps, wearable technology, and Internet of Things (IoT) market segments. OliveX develops and publishes a range of mobile apps and products, including apps and products powered by artificial intelligence, that leverage gamification to address the fitness and health of users. Visit for more information.


About Animoca Brands
Animoca Brands (ASX: AB1) leverages gamification, blockchain, and artificial intelligence technologies to develop and publish a broad portfolio of mobile products including games such as The Sandbox, Crazy Kings, and Crazy Defense Heroes as well as products based on popular intellectual properties such as Garfield, Thomas & Friends™, Ever After High and Doraemon. Animoca Brands is the exclusive China distributor of CryptoKitties. The Company is based in Hong Kong, Canada, and Finland. For more information visit or get updates by following Animoca Brands on Facebook , Twitter or Google +.







Animoca Brands:


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Promotional video featuring Caroline Wozniacki:

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