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Shoot Down Your Friend’s Fighter Planes in Maths War, from Animoca Brands


Edutainment game improves math skills and reflexes with fun and exciting competition


Hong Kong – January 5, 2015 – Math has never been this fun! Animoca Brands, the developer and publisher of mobile games based on globally loved brands such as Garfield, Ben10, Doraemon, Ultraman, Astro Boy and more, announced today the global availability of its new arithmetic edutainment game, Maths War. Available for download on the App Store℠ and Google Play™, Maths War is a free game of pulse-pounding head-to-head math battles, in single player mode or against a friend.

In Maths War, two forces clash to shoot down each other’s fighter planes. The progress of each battle is determined by the speed and accuracy with which players answer a series of “true or false” arithmetic equations. The first player to correctly identify an equation as right or wrong fires at the opponent’s fighter planes. An incorrect answer will cause the player to be blocked from answering for a short time. The first player to shoot down their opponent’s entire fleet wins the battle.

Maths War provides not just practice in arithmetic calculation, but – with its time-based gameplay and head-to-head competition – it also nurtures reflexes and the ability to process problems quickly. The game features:

  • Single and 2-Player Modes: Single-player “Training” mode allows players to practice math skills and reflexes solo, while “Battle” mode enables them to challenge friends on the same device.

  • Difficulty Levels: four difficulty levels make the game suitable for players of all abilities.

  • Achievements: Each shot fired earns a player points that help them move up the achievement board and rise through the ranks.

  • Power-Ups: Players can make the game even more interesting by strategically deploying special power-ups, including:

Reinforcements: fresh fighter planes arrive to strengthen a fleet
Iron Curtain: a giant shield protects the player’s forces from enemy fire
Backdoor Reconfigure: flips the opponent’s control buttons, causing confusion
Control Hack: cracks the glass over the opponent’s viewing area and control buttons, causing distraction and annoyance
Equation Hammer: flips the opponent’s equations upside down, guaranteed to generate big laughs as you watch them struggle to solve inverted math problems!


Maths War is a slightly unusual game,” said Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands. “The idea is to combine math training with that sense of social fun and excitement you get in classic board games. Playing Maths War against someone on the same device is not only sociable but - especially thanks to the sneaky power-ups in this game - also highly entertaining.”

Maths War is free to play and comes with four pre-set difficulty levels. Optional in-app purchases (IAPs) let the player select and utilize a greater number of power-ups and modify the difficulty level with a high degree of granularity, thus allowing the creation of highly customized math battles.


Maths War can be downloaded for free from the App Store for all iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® devices at, and from Google Play for all Android™ devices at  

To view a video trailer of Maths War, visit   

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About Animoca Brands
Animoca Brands was formed in 2014 through the spinoff of part of the app portfolio of Animoca (Appionics Holdings Ltd.) and the consolidation of a number of partnerships and acquisitions. Animoca Brands is the resulting entity with a mission to create and/or publish globally a broad portfolio of mobile games, including several games based on popular intellectual properties. Animoca Brands operates various app studios including Web Prancer, which is responsible for producing Garfield-themed products. Animoca Brands is based in Hong Kong. For more information visit

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