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MOCA Foundation concludes MOCA Token Launch with US$29.3 million committed at 12x oversubscription

3 May 2024 - MOCA Foundation, the community-owned cultural foundation and steward of MOCA Token, announced today the conclusion of the  MOCA Token Launch, with total pre-deposited funds of US$29.3 million, representing a 12x oversubscription (oversubscription was calculated based on the available Lots excluding guaranteed allocation). The MOCA Token Launch was conducted on MocaList, a new co-branded token launchpad jointly launched by Mocaverse and CoinList.


Access to the offering was gated by Moca ID, with access distributed to curated communities from Mocaverse, its Mocaverse Partners Network, and CoinList via various activation campaigns.


The sale started on 25 April 2024 at 12 a.m. UTC and surpassed its US$5 million sale target in less than 6 hours, marking the fastest token launch on CoinList in 2024 to reach oversubscription. The MOCA Token Launch ended on 2 May,  becoming the top-funded sale on CoinList so far in 2024, with participation by nearly 17,000 unique KYC-ed users from 123 different countries and record participation from the Mocaverse community. 


Final allocations for the MOCA Token Launch are expected to be announced on 7 May 2024, with the token distribution to take place on or around 24 May 2024.


About the MOCA  Token Launch:

  • A total of 126,984,127 MOCA Tokens, representing 1.5% of the total token supply, were allocated for the MOCA Token Launch at a price of US$0.03938 each.

  • Fully diluted value of the total MOCA Token supply is US$350,000,000.

  • Participants in the MOCA Token Launch received the most favorable vesting terms across different verticals, with 5% unlocked at TGE, a 3-month cliff period, and a 52-week linear release facilitated by the CoinList platform.


About MOCA Foundation

MOCA Foundation is the community-owned foundation that aims  to supercharge Mocaverse’s network effects for culture and entertainment. Its mission is to empower unity and collaboration, and to be at the forefront of innovation in governance, culture, and growth. It serves as the platform to build the largest interoperable cultural economy in the Web3 space powered by the MOCA Token, and support the growth of Moca DAO, an upcoming “DAO of DAOs” where members will take the lead in co-creating MIPs and engaging in cross-DAO empowerment through unique delegation models.


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