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Mocaverse, DEFY and Phantom Galaxies Join Global Web3 Conference WebX in Tokyo as Platinum Sponsors

06 July 2023 - WebX, Asia's largest global Web3 conference, will be held at the Tokyo International Forum on Tuesday, July 25 and Wednesday, July 26, 2023, organized by the WebX Executive Committee and planned and managed by CoinPost, Inc. We are pleased to announce that Mocaverse, DEFY, and Phantom Galaxies have joined as Platinum Sponsors of this conference. 

Mocaverse, DEFY, and Phantom Galaxies together aim to inspire, unite, and activate the Web3 audience in Japan around the WebX event. The trio will showcase how they shape the future of Web3 through NFTs and Web3 gaming by facilitating Move-to-Earn and IRL experiences as holders explore Tokyo, complete quests, and have the chance to earn prizes.

Mocaverse, DEFY and Phantom Galaxies Join WebX.jpg

About Mocaverse

Mocaverse is an ambitious project by Animoca Brands that aims to bring together the company’s portfolio projects, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partners through a unique NFT collection. Mocaverse features 8,888 Mocas, which are NFT profile pictures (PFPs) that serve as a membership pass for Animoca Brands team members, investors, partners, and certain token holders. Mocaverse aims to unite the Web3 community and become the largest Web3 membership pass in culture and entertainment by allowing holders to exchange ideas, learn, connect, play games, and build the future of Web3.


About DEFY

DEFY Labs is a mobile game development studio building tech that merges the real and virtual worlds. DEFY's platform of technologies brings Location Based Digital Assets to life through immersive mobile experiences. DEFY, our eponymous first project, is a location-based mobile RPG built on blockchain rails to enable next-level user experiences around user generated game items and permissionless P2P trading of digital assets.


About Phantom Galaxies

Developed by Animoca Brands’ subsidiary Blowfish Studios, Phantom Galaxies is a sci-fi ARPG set in a rich, sprawling universe. Climb into your Starfighter and launch into exhilarating interstellar combat, switching between third-person mecha shooting and starship showdowns with the press of a button. Tailor your gameplay with a choice between four Starfighter classes, as you explore main story missions, side quests, bounties, and more. With deep integration of NFTs such as Avatars, Starfighters, and even Planets, you can truly own your Phantom Galaxies experience.



Official website:

Official Twitter account:



Official website:

Official Twitter account:


Phantom Galaxies

Official website:

Official Twitter account:


▼What is WebX?

WebX is one of the largest Web3 conferences in Asia, gathering promising Web2 and Web3 projects, companies, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, etc. from around the world.


Visitors can attend performances by top projects and founders in the Web3 field (simultaneous interpretation available in Japanese), networking opportunities, technical workshops by major projects, pitch events on Web3 business, and exhibitions of various companies and projects.


Date: Tuesday, July 25 and Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Venue: Tokyo International Forum

Organizers/Planners: WebX Executive Committee / CoinPost Inc.

Number of visitors (estimated): more than 15,000

Number of participating companies (estimate): more than 2,000

Number of exhibitors (estimated): 150 or more

Number of media partners (estimated): over 100

Official website:


Details: "WebX," Asia's largest Web3 conference, to be held at Tokyo International Forum


For ticket information, please refer to the following


▼ Background of the Conference

In the Web3 field, Japan is attracting unprecedented attention from around the world, backed by the support of the Japanese government and examples of major companies (see below).


May 2022: Prime Minister Kishida announced his intention to develop the Web3 environment in London, UK.

June 2022: "Environmental Improvement for Web3 Promotion" item added to the government's Framework Policy 2022.

November 2022: NTT Docomo announces 600 billion yen investment in Web3 field.

November 2022: Keidanren announces Web3 promotion strategy.

December 2022: Tax Reform Proposal outlines support for startups, including tax reform.


As Japan's economic strength and competitiveness have been declining for many years, the cross-border (international reach) strength of the Web3 field has the potential to greatly support the DX (digital transformation) of various industries, including the Japanese content industry, which is known as an "IP (intellectual property) powerhouse," such as animation, manga, and games, as well as their entry into global business. One of the reasons for this is that the Japanese content industry, which is known as an "IP (intellectual property) powerhouse" such as games, has the potential to greatly support the DX (digital transformation) of various industries and their entry into global business.


However, Japan is currently lagging behind other countries due to bottlenecks in the environment, such as closed institutional design based on language and other factors, and regulations that are not in line with actual conditions.


In addition, many Japanese businesses have highlighted various issues such as knowledge, business idea development, corporate networks, and business human resources to promote Web3 business.


Against this backdrop, CoinPost believes that the establishment of an international conference that enables international exchange and the establishment of a distribution network of information and human resources in the Web3 field is essential for the growth of the Japanese blockchain industry as a whole in the Asian market.


We will begin our efforts in July 2023 at the Tokyo International Forum, which will be fully equipped with a "Simultaneous Interpretation System" in holding an event where visitors will come from all over the world.

Tickets are also available for companies that are considering introducing Web3 technology or entering the Web3 industry in some way. If you would like more information, please contact us using the form below. A representative will contact you shortly.


▼Operating Organization


General Incorporated Association WebX Executive Committee

Head Office: BH Building 7F, 3-27-5 Higashinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo


Planning and operation

CoinPost Inc.

Business description: Operation of online news media specialized in virtual currency and blockchain


CEO: Takahito Kagami

Headquarters: BH Building 7F, 3-27-5 Higashinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, 1160014


For inquiries regarding this conference, please contact

Attn: Yuki Haraguchi


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