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Mocaverse strengthens Korean presence with Cube Entertainment, IPX, Daehong Communication (LOTTE Group), Nine Chronicles M, GOMBLE

28 February 2024 - Mocaverse, the marquee growth network with an interoperable infrastructure layer of Account, Identity, Reputation, and PointFi systems seeded by Animoca Brands, announced today it entered into various partnership agreements for strategic expansion of Mocaverse Partner Network in the South Korean market to bridge, integrate, and export Korean Web3 culture through a multi-partner activation plan in key sectors including K-pop, digital IP, GameFi, and others. The activation plan will begin this week.

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Through Moca ID, Mocaverse’s on-chain identity system for Web3 gaming, culture, and entertainment, holders will be able to access a curated catalog of experiences provided in partnership with some of Korea’s biggest brands including Cube Entertainment, digital IP platform IPX (formerly known as LINE Friends), leading Korean Web3 gaming studios Planetarium Labs (creator of Nine Chronicles M) and Gomble Games (mobile game powerhouse with over 300k global downloads), and Bellygom, the flagship NFT initiative launched by LOTTE Group (Daehong Communication), South Korea’s fifth-largest conglomerate, with operations in manufacturing, hotels and e-commerce. 


By engaging in co-branded social IP activations and cross-program points swap missions with Mocaverse’s partners in South Korea, holders of Moca NFTs and Moca IDs will be able to  immerse themselves in a series of well-crafted Web3 games and experiences while earning exclusive rewards and Realm Points, the PointFi system powering the Moca ID ecosystem. Creative collaborations will include a (G)I-DLE x Mocaverse mashup video based on (G)I-DLE’s  hit song “Queencard” and a phygital cross-over with LINE Friends collection to engage fans and onboard more retail users to Web3.


Alan Lau, chief business officer of Animoca Brands, commented: “Mocaverse is the hub of culture and entertainment in Web3, and we’re excited to bring our expertise across industries as South Korea becomes one of our core markets to watch in 2024. We see powerful opportunities for cross-project co-creation and celebrity-fan interaction.”


A representative from Cube Entertainment commented: “Fan engagement is always on top of our minds, and working with Mocaverse through Moca ID opens up different unique and meaningful ways to engage with our fans. Excited for what’s to come in the future!”  

Logan, head of Digital Business of IPX, said: "We are extremely interested in the endless potential of Mocaverse. IPX has put a lot of emphasis on symbiotic growth of community and brand, and the Mocaverse team has been extremely cognizant of this and has achieved remarkable project and community growth. We are excited to partner up to expand this growth from both a Web2 and Web3 angle by bringing forward our respective unique strengths. Looking forward to the future of this partnership"


JC Kim, co-founder and CEO of Planetarium Labs, said: "As we join forces with Mocaverse to expand the reach of Korean Web3 culture, we are thrilled to contribute through our gaming expertise. Planetarium Labs is dedicated to crafting immersive experiences, and our collaboration with Mocaverse represents a significant step towards enriching the global Web3 community. Together, we look forward to creating innovative gaming content and fostering deeper connections with users around the world."


Chris Chang, chief business officer of Gomble Games, said: "We are thrilled and delighted to link our diverse and entertaining casual game content with Mocaverse users. Our goal is to offer the simplest and most enjoyable Web3 experience with a casual and immersive user journey. We are confident that through this partnership we can collectively take significant strides towards innovating user-friendly access and experience in Web3."


Samuel Kang, head of Web3 Business at Daehong Communication, commented: “Loyalty has been a core pillar at Daehong Communication's Web3.0 project, and we’re excited to partner with Mocaverse to expand the loyalty program to the Web3 space. This partnership not only will grant Web3 users access to Web2 benefits and rewards through a collaborative point swap program with the Mocaverse PointFi ecosystem but will also introduce exciting Web3 experiences to the existing community."


About Mocaverse

Mocaverse is the marquee growth network with an interoperable infrastructure layer of Account, Identity, Reputation, and PointFi systems across the Mocaverse Partner Network, seeded by Animoca Brands. Mocaverse is dedicated to building the largest on-chain cultural economy by connecting and scaling the network effect of the Mocaverse Partner Network. At the epicenter of the Animoca Brands ecosystem, Mocaverse pioneered the Web3 identity and PointFi system where Moca NFT holders and Moca ID users can navigate and engage seamlessly across and beyond 400+ rewarding experiences from Animoca Brands’ investment portfolio with on-chain proof of reputation. Mocaverse is more than an ecosystem; it is an economy that empowers participants to build, earn, and grow together as we “mocalize” the masses. For more information visit



X (Twitter):


About Cube Entertainment

Cube Entertainment finds rookies with potential, trains them with a professional system, develops them into outstanding artists with excellent skills and attitudes to produce quality content for the global market. Experts from various parts of the industry utilize their analytic skills and efficient system to bring artists to the pinnacle of the K-pop industry. As a leader of the industry, Cube has produced the best artists since its establishment in 2006, including 4MINUTE, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB, CLC, PENTAGON, (G)I-DLE, and LIGHTSUM, and recruited entertainers such as Park Mi Sun (박미선), Lee Sang Jun (이상준), Kim Kyung Ah (김경아), Lee Eun Ji (이은지), actors Moon Su Young (문수영), Moon Seoung You (문승유), Yoo Seonho (유선호), Bak Do Ha (박도하) and entertainers Jo Kwon (조권), Jung Ji Woo (정지우), making achievements in the global market not only for music but for various K-content. In 2024, Cube aims to provide more intimate experiences to fans through promotions in the United States, Europe, Asia, and all around the world.


Official Website:

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IPX is the new corporate name of LINE FRIENDS, a global character brand that originally started from Original Characters including BROWN, CONY, SALLY created for use as stickers for the leading mobile messenger app LINE and its 200 million active users worldwide. IPX recently announced a new business strategy that it would accelerate the global expansion of its IP businesses by diversifying its IP portfolios targeting all ages and advancing its digital and retail business. IPX has carried out its IP-based business by partnering with global companies including Netflix (original animated series), SUPERCELL (Brawl Stars), and NEXON (KartRider), while it has created popular IPs including digital artist ‘WADE’, ‘BT21’ (BTS), ‘TRUZ’ (Treasure) and broadened their boundaries to virtual influencers to win the hearts of over 40 million Millennials and Generation Z worldwide. IPX currently operates in 17 markets worldwide including Seoul, New York, LA, Tokyo, and Shanghai, and operates in 17 online sales platforms.


About LOTTE Group (Daehong Communications)

Since its beginning in 1982, Daehong Communications has been a marketing communications leader with numerous success stories. An early proponent of digital transformation (DT), we provide integrated services that span traditional media outlets and digital marketing channels. Our big data analytics solutions and integrated digital advertising platform deliver omnidirectional integrated marketing, ranging from branding campaigns focused on TV and videos to digital performance campaigns that cover new territory such as mobile coupons and advertising platforms. We expanded overseas to drive marketing and advertising businesses in Indonesia and Vietnam. Marking our 40th anniversary in 2022, we embraced a vision we call Thinknology. This embodies our ambition to lead change by converging our unique heritage, the power of Thinking and the power of the future, Technology. To realize our vision, we are expanding our business with new technologies, such as NFTs and metaverse, forming a dedicated team for NFT and acquiring stakes in a blockchain company.


About Planetarium Labs (

Planetarium Labs, which raised $32 million in a Series A funding round led by Animoca Brands, is a community-driven Web3 gaming company that builds immersive and moddable gaming experiences for users around the world. With decades of collective experience in gaming and blockchain technologies, and with industry-leading visionaries and partners, Planetarium Labs is building the protocols and experiences that take Web3 gaming to the next level.

About Nine Chronicles M (

Nine Chronicies M is a fully on-chain, open-source, free-to-play fantasy MMORPG based on Norse mythology. Nine Chronicles M is the first title to be developed with the Libplanet .NET library. The game runs on a peer-to-peer network of players without requiring any centralized server to host. The entire game, from crafting an item to complex battles, takes place fully on-chain. Nine Chronicles M is governed by its community and supported by a complex economy where supply and demand are the greatest currencies. For more information, visit the official X (, Discord (, and Medium (


About Gomble Games

Gomble Games, a blockchain spinoff of 111%, stands as a prominent game development studio focused on crafting immersive and enjoyable gaming experiences for a global audience. Drawing upon the extensive expertise and track record of 111%, boasting over 100 million users and $200 million in revenue across 200+ games, Gomble aims to onboard 2 billion casual gamers into the web3 market. This objective is pursued through user-friendly gaming experiences, enticing opportunities for rewards, and compelling incentives for prizes enabled by sustainable tokenomics. The team comprises seasoned professionals, including the founding members of 111%, as well as talents from esteemed companies such as Google and Kakao, with backgrounds spanning gaming, blockchain, and AI. Notably, Gomble Games has garnered investments from reputable entities like BinanceLabs, Spartan, Animoca Ventures, Shima Capital, Altos Ventures, Polygon Ventures, Aptos, Crit Ventures, and Planetarium, among others. With a dedication to spreading joy and excitement among gamers worldwide, Gomble Games remains steadfast in its mission.


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