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nWay and Animoca Brands to launch ‘Wreck League’ in collaboration with Yuga Labs

nWay announces highly anticipated Web3 project that propels players to build, own, and fight Mechs, and enters The Extended Yugaverse with licensing agreement with Yuga Labs

03 August 2023 – nWay, the world-renowned developer and publisher of popular competitive multiplayer games and a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, announced today the upcoming release of Wreck League, a Web3-powered multiplayer fighting game that allows players to assemble Mechs, own their creations, and fight other players’ Mechs in real time in various game events and competitions. Wreck League signals the future of esports, offering competitive gaming that transcends traditional gaming conventions and empowering participants to partake in exhilarating combat, compete using assets that they create and own, and win various on-chain prizes. Wreck League will provide an unparalleled hybrid Web3/Web2 experience that seamlessly blends craftsmanship, competition, and adrenaline-fueled mayhem. In its first season, the game will leverage one of the most renowned Web3 brands, Yuga Labs.

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Watch the Wreck League trailer at


Unlike traditional fighting games that have a limited roster of fighters, Wreck League allows players to generate their own mech fighters, resulting in over 1.5 quadrillion possible unique combinations to take into battle. In its first season, launching in September, the game will incorporate four Yuga Labs collections: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Bored Ape Kennel Club, and Otherside Kodas. Players of Wreck League will be able to collect Mech Parts, which are NFTs, and assemble them to mint full Mech character NFTs. Additionally, players will be able to utilize rare Yugaverse Mechs to enhance their gameplay, adding an element of exclusivity to their in-game achievements. 


Wreck League participants will include creators, owners, and skilled players who all can team up to compete in the league in order to maximize their wins. In order to boost their performance in the game events and tournaments and improve their winnings, players need to create well-designed mechs. Mechs are NFTs and each is composed of 10 Mech Parts NFTs. Creators can build their own formidable Mech battle machines, ensuring every build is unique, visually stunning, and tailored to their playstyle. The Mechs can also be disassembled back into Mech Parts, ensuring endless customization options for those who collect the parts. With Wreck League, nWay envisions that the creators and owners with the best Mechs will partner with the most skilled players to compete at the highest levels of the league’s various competitions.  


In addition to the Web3 version of Wreck League, which includes competitive game events and tournaments that require Mech NFT ownership,  nWay will also launch a Web2 free-to-play (F2P) version of Wreck League that does not require NFTs to play. The Wreck League F2P version will replicate the Web3 version’s core gameplay and battle mechanics, while adding F2P game features such as daily missions, battle pass and an in-game store that will act as a bridge between the Web3 community and the Web2 general gamer community. 


Owners who create Mech NFTs will be able to create copies of their Mechs as in-game, non-NFT Mechs, which will be available for purchase by players in the Web2 game’s store. A portion of the revenue generated by those in-game purchases will go to the owners of the original Mech NFTs. 


"Wreck League is a hybrid Web3 and Web2 project," said Taehoon Kim, CEO of nWay. "Our aim is to unite the communities and players, leveraging the creative potential of the Web3 community to continuously enhance the game's content. With our expertise in competitive fighting games, we are confident in delivering a well rounded experience that has the potential to truly combine both the Web3 and Web2 gamer communities by creating a symbiotic relationship between the two groups."


“This is the start of an incredible evolution in the world of esports and competitive gaming,” said Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands. “Our mission at Animoca Brands is to deliver digital property rights to the world’s gamers and Internet users. That’s why we are so excited about Wreck League and how this groundbreaking Web3 project will remodel how players engage and compete while truly owning their digital assets.”


nWay will offer a special sale of Mech parts in boxes exclusively to those on the Allowlist in the near future, providing an opportunity to assemble your ultimate mech arsenal. To register for the Allowlist, learn more about the exciting world of Wreck League, and stay up to date with the latest developments, visit the official website at and join the Wreck League Discord server at




About nWay 

nWay is a leading San Francisco-based publisher and developer of competitive multiplayer games specializing in creating fast action cross-play games across various platforms. As a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, nWay is at the forefront of the Web3 gaming revolution. Through their innovative Web3 games platform, nWayPlay, the company facilitates the operation of competitive games for the vibrant Web3 community. The company has a proven track record of delivering AAA quality games on mobile and on console, such as Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, WWE: Undefeated, Olympic Games Jam and ChronoBlade. nWay is comprised of leading developers and senior executives from Sony, LucasArts, EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Xbox, Warner Bros., Konami, Kabam, Pocket Gems, Zynga, Glu, Jam City and Machine Zone. The team has collectively contributed to over a dozen hits, including Marvel Contest of Champions, the Injustice series, Star Wars: the Force Unleashed, Game of War, and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. For more information about nWay, visit

About Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands, a Deloitte Tech Fast winner, a Fortune Crypto 40 company, and one of the Financial Times’ High Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2023, is a leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification that is working to advance digital property rights and contribute to the establishment of the open metaverse. The company develops and publishes a broad portfolio of products including original games such as The Sandbox, Phantom Galaxies, Life Beyond, Crazy Kings, and Crazy Defense Heroes, and products utilizing popular intellectual properties including Disney, WWE, Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, Power Rangers, MotoGP™, and Formula E. It has multiple subsidiaries, including The Sandbox, Blowfish Studios, Quidd, GAMEE, nWay, Pixowl, Forj, Lympo, Animoca Brands Japan, Grease Monkey Games, Eden Games, Life Beyond Studios, Notre Game, TinyTap, Be., PIXELYNX, and WePlay Media. Animoca Brands has a growing portfolio of over 450 Web3 investments, including Colossal, Axie Infinity, OpenSea, Dapper Labs (NBA Top Shot), Yield Guild Games, Harmony, Alien Worlds, Star Atlas, and others. For more information visit or follow on Twitter or Facebook.

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