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OneFootball announces "OneFootball Club" in partnership with Animoca Brands to reward fan loyalty globally, on Base

19 June 2024 - OneFootball, the world’s leading digital football platform and community with more than 200 million fans, is proud to announce the OneFootball Club (“OFC”) in partnership with Animoca Brands and built on Base.

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The OFC is the first digital football club comprised of the world's largest community of football fans, dedicated to rewarding supporters across the globe. The OFC will recognize and reward the most engaged fans worldwide, celebrating their fandom within the community, and incentivizing them to document, share, and showcase their fan journey within a safe environment of like-minded people. As fans engage, their profiles evolve and become unique and identifiable, allowing them to compete on global leaderboards for rewards, achievements, and exclusive benefits. This gamified fan journey will be integrated across the entire OneFootball ecosystem, allowing every fan to display their unique way of enjoying football for free.


OneFootball released an alpha version to a select group of external users in February 2024. The initial phase has seen remarkable engagement with 300,000+ participants. The next phase of the rollout is scheduled for July 2024.

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Patrick Fischer, CEO of OneFootball, stated, “The OneFootball Club for the first time allows football fans to participate in the value creation of their engagement. Not only will we offer unique and exclusive rewards, in the future, our ambition is to extend into other football experiences across the industry, unlocking unique opportunities for brands, clubs, and services to offer value to football fans. This is the perfect evolution aligned with our vision to become the no. 1 football marketplace for content, services and products, with our community and users in the centre.”


Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, stated, “We are thrilled to partner with OneFootball to co-create the technical infrastructure for incentivizing and rewarding engagement for football fandom. Football fans represent one of the largest and most passionate sports communities in the world, and at Animoca Brands, we believe deeply in the power of community. Together with OneFootball, we are working to unlock network effects on a massive scale.”


Jesse Pollak, Creator of Base, stated, “OneFootball connects to millions of people around the globe in a fan-first way. By engaging its community onchain, OneFootball fans have the opportunity to explore direct ways of engaging with their favorite teams and players.”


Follow the OneFootball Club on X today if you don’t want to miss the latest announcements.


About OneFootball:

Founded in 2008, OneFootball is a leading football platform for a new generation of mobile-first football fans, with plans to become the football marketplace for content, products, and services of the future. It serves over 200 million people every month through its owned and operated platform and video distribution network and social channels, bringing fans closer to the game with breaking news, highlight clips, live streaming, and more. OneFootball is backed by the biggest clubs in the world of football, such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, PSG, FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Olympique de Marseille, Liverpool FC, Juventus, Torino and the German Football Federation. OneFootball partners with over 200 clubs, leagues, federations, players and broadcasters to bring their content to the OneFootball Platform across 194 markets, and with a video distribution network that includes around 250 premium publisher partners globally. For more information about OneFootball, please visit:

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