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Open Campus announces first decentralized education node sale

Owning Principal Nodes on EDU Chain will allow learners, educators, EdTech companies to shape and own part of the decentralized education ecosystem

22 May 2024 - Open Campus, the education protocol backed by Animoca Brands, Sequoia Capital, and Binance, today announced the upcoming sale of Principal Nodes for the EDU Chain. EDU Chain is Open Campus’s Layer 3 blockchain specifically designed for education. The Principal Node Sale will consist of a pre-sale followed by a public sale, with details to be announced in June. Individuals and entities globally are invited to join EDU Chain by operating nodes and securing rewards for serving a pivotal role in the network. Visit the Open Campus website to learn more about the first blockchain designed for education.

Open Campus node sale.jpg

Open Campus aims to address challenges in the current education systems by bridging the gaps in accessibility and quality of education, as well as storing educational data and achievements on blockchain to enable learners to have full control and ownership over their academic records, while improving recognition and compensation for the work of educators. With blockchain-powered ownership at its core, EDU Chain’s innovative “Learn Own Earn” model seeks to build an ecosystem of decentralized applications (Dapps) for learners and educators.


Principal Nodes are verifier nodes on the EDU Chain used to safeguard the network by reviewing and verifying the authenticity of transactions before they are confirmed to blockchain. Participants in the EDU Chain’s Principal Node Sale have the opportunity to become part of an ecosystem that decentralizes education and where both learners and educators can learn, own, and earn in exciting new ways unlocked by Web3 technology.

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Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands and a member of the EDU Foundation Council, said: ​​"Open Campus seeks to reshape the education ecosystem to make it more inclusive, equitable, and accessible. We believe that blockchain technology can unlock significant opportunities on a global scale for learning, earning, and teaching. Through the decentralization of EDU Chain we can help to democratize education and empower all participants — learners, educators, edtech innovators — to contribute to and benefit from the future of this field."


Jonah Lau, the head of Portfolio at Animoca Brands, said: "EDU Chain is a Layer 3 that is redefining the educational landscape by pioneering a ‘Learn Own Earn’ model on blockchain. This initiative is positioned at the heart of the rapidly growing three billion-dollar blockchain education market, initially addressing over 20 million learners already in  Open Campus's partner network. EDU Chain not only introduces innovative ways for learners to enhance their skills but also unlocks new earning opportunities, affirming the value of education as an asset for life." 


The Principal Node Sale for EDU Chain is structured to encourage early engagement through a tiered approach, with node prices ascending per tier across multiple tiers. A share of sequencer fees will be paid to Principal Node operators for their help in validating transactions on EDU Chain and Principal Nodes become transferable one year post-sale. The dates of the pre-sale and public sale will be announced in June 2024.


To learn more about joining the upcoming Principal Node Sale, visit the Open Campus official blog.


About Open Campus

Open Campus is a community-led protocol for educators, content creators, parents, and students. It puts decisions about learning back into the hands of educators and their students by fostering a collaborative environment, enabling teachers to create materials that appeal to the exact needs of students. Additionally, Open Campus recognizes the achievements of teachers and content creators who help students seek new knowledge, opening new revenue streams for effective educators around the world.


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Legal Disclaimers

The contents of this announcement are meant for general information purposes only. This announcement is not to be construed as an invitation, inducement, recommendation, offer or solicitation to purchase or sell any asset, whether blockchain-based or otherwise. No part of it or the fact of its presentation, should form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with, any decision to purchase or not purchase any asset described in this announcement. 


Participation in the pre-sale and public sale is subject to eligibility requirements. Residents in restricted jurisdictions, which include the United States, United Kingdom and sanctioned countries, are prohibited from purchasing any Principal Nodes. 

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