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Animoca Brands Japan unveils name of its NFT launchpad: ‘SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan’

31 May 2024 - Animoca Brands Japan, a strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands, today announced that its NFT launchpad (see announcement of 12 April 2024) is named SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan and is scheduled for launch in summer of 2024.

SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan.jpg

SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan will be an NFT launchpad platform that supports projects and creators by providing them with opportunities to sell their NFTs. The launchpad will provide selected NFT projects with sales opportunities and multifaceted support for sales and marketing strategies. In addition, the company plans to offer loyalty programmes such as an NFT that will allow users to receive various benefits for using SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan. Further details will be announced at a later date.


Through initiatives like SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan, Animoca Brands Japan aims to become a Web3 gateway that better connects Japan with the global community by promoting Japanese IP (such as manga and anime) to the world, and by developing content in Japan that garners global interest. 


Kensuke Amo, the COO of Animoca Brands Japan, commented: “SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan is inspired by our goal to seamlessly connect Japan and the global community in the Web3 domain, just as the sky (SORA [空] in Japanese) connects the world as one. Since its inception, Animoca Brands Japan has been involved in the global development of Japanese intellectual property and content (IP) in the Web3 domain while supporting the development of overseas projects in Japan. Now, by setting up our own launchpad, we intend to further strengthen these efforts and accelerate mass adoption of Web3 by serving as a gateway for IP between Japan and overseas.”


Projects interested in bringing their NFTs to the world by becoming a primary seller on SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan are invited to apply using the form at 


About SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan

Official Name: SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan

Launch Date: Summer of 2024 (tentative)

Payment Method: Credit card, crypto assets

Sales method: Lottery, first-come, first-served, AL sales, with or without rebills, etc., to be flexible

Supported chains: Ethereum, Polygon

Supported wallets: Metamask, WalletConnect

Token standard: ERC-721



About Animoca Brands Japan

Founded in 2021, Animoca Brands Japan (corporate name: Animoca Brands K.K.) is the strategic subsidiary in Japan of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, a leading global Web3 company. Animoca Brands Japan was established to support the global Web3 strategies of Japanese intellectual property and content holders such as major publishers, brands, education, sports teams, athletes, artists, and game companies. Animoca Brands Japan provides a platform that combines IPs with blockchain technology, and supports IP holders to build their own ecosystem through a full stack of Web3 services, providing a bridge between Japanese IPs and global fans.

For more information, please visit or follow on X.

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