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Tiny Student Magicians Oppose Evil in “Little Warlock School,” Now Available on the App Store


Become Headmaster of Mayhem in Animoca Brands’ High-Action Mix of RPG, Tower Defense, Simulation, Siege and RTS


Hong Kong – November 3, 2014 – Animoca Brands, the developer and publisher of mobile games based on globally loved brands such as Garfield, Ben10, Doraemon, Ultraman and Astro Boy, today announced the launch of Little Warlock School, a thrilling mix of role-playing game (RPG), tower defense, simulation, siege and real time strategy (RTS) set in a vivid and cartoon-inspired fantasy world.  Players are invited to become headmaster of an academy of young warlocks and witches under sorcerous assault by the evil minions of the Frost Queen. Little Warlock School is now available free-to-play on Apple’s App Store℠ for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® devices.

Little Warlock School is a simulation videogame featuring a remarkable educational institution where tiny wizards, mages, sorcerers, witches, enchanters, illusionists, conjurers, theurgists and warlocks are trained in the knowledge and safe use of the magical arts. Here the little magic-users are taught by a skilled faculty of arcane practitioners.

Unfortunately for everyone at the school, an ancient enemy has resurfaced: the vile Frost Queen, once banished to another dimension, has returned to the land, bringing with her the sort of foul weather one might expect from her name. The school, as a major center of magic, is an attractive target for the Frost Queen, and it is up to players to defend this fine institution while continuing to deliver a world-class supernatural education to its students. The students are young and inexperienced, but with the guidance of skilled instructors and the leadership of the dynamic Headmaster, the powers of the little apprentices can (and must!) be developed until the Frost Queen is finally defeated.

Little Warlock School is set in a vivid and humorous world where players manage a host of unruly young warlocks under threat of invasion. Each student contributes a tuition fee to the school, allowing for upkeep and expansion as decided by the player. Students are all individuals with their own characteristics including Wisdom, Athleticism, Fame, Personality and other important attributes. As the Headmaster, the player must decide on the best course of action for the school and its students; this includes not only preparing for and defending against regular attacks, but also developing the young rascals into respectable magic-users who will be able to land a good job when they graduate from the school.

Players earn experience and level up their students and the school by instructing them, which occurs in dedicated classrooms; the more classrooms active, the more experience earned. Experience is also earned by completing various quests. With every level gained, players can recruit one additional student for the school, bringing in more income. There are 12 subjects to study in the school; the better the grades of an individual student, the more likely that student is to obtain his or her dream job upon graduation – assuming the school survives that long.


Little Warlock School can be downloaded for free from the App Store for all iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices at

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About Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands was formed in 2014 through the spinoff of part of the app portfolio of Animoca (Appionics Holdings Ltd.) and the consolidation of a number of partnerships and acquisitions. Animoca Brands is the resulting entity with a mission to create and/or publish globally a broad portfolio of mobile games, including several games based on popular intellectual properties. Animoca Brands operates various app studios including Web Prancer, which is responsible for producing Garfield-themed products. Animoca Brands is based in Hong Kong. For more information visit

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